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The Political Italian History of the past 20-plus years has shown that there is no more real demarcation between parties once “political”, between party ideologies, and especially among approaches to public management and / or national and international economic policy that still justify the presence of blocks of political power (the so-called parties) that had formerly interpret the main visions (reformist against conservative) of public affairs management and without which it could incur a risk abuse of power by a piece of our social body over the other.

This recent lack of differentiation of thought or “ideology” (justified by a knowledge and applications of standardized economic policy measures much more advanced, globalized and homogenized and by the advance of technology, science and informations) , has effectively deprived the politics dialectic and mediation of its utility to really and efficiency represent the real interests of the citizens .

Indeed “the political machine” (the political party) interposed between the citizen and the institutional apparatus in charge of satisfying the interests of citizens (that are the Districts, the Municipality, the Province, the Region, and ultimately the Government), is now a drag if deterrence to achieve certain goals and the management of certain issues affecting the people.

The political party, as the political mediation istrument among institutions and citiziens seems now obsolete.

There is nothing dramatic in recognizing a fact that came gradually maturing for a variety of reasons due to the evolution and modernization of our society.
We should only make our brains to work to find out a new system of rapresentation or how to put in direct connection the institutions and the citicziens without parties.

Perpetuate the existence of parties, the development of their organizational structure, supporting a network to extend and maintain the consent (the consent is no longer useful to a cause but only to
a political party power) increases both the level inefficiency of the political mediation, increases the level of lawlessness and above increases the distances among institutions and non-partisan citizens.

Why support a political system that still

1) does not guarantee the quality ‘and professionalism’ of our institutional administrators partisan (not political)

2) promote corruption (for the same mechanism of electoral support aimed only to perpetuate the existence of party apparatus)

3) distorts the proper allocation of economic resources (the parties push economic and business transactions on the basis of approximate analyses dictated more by partisan consensus than from a careful evaluation of cost benefit analysis).

4) does not represent even the majority of the citizens (rarely reaches more than 50% of the population who vote and those who vote for the most part is manipulated or is part of a patronage system that distorts the free economic competition)

5) burns so many resources necessary for party activity like electoral campaigns, creating further difficulties in the least wealthy part of our society.

6) is based on a construct undemocratic because doesn’t give to the best the same opportunity ‘to be elected and most elected doent have the characteristics of professional excellence that Politicians should have.
The electoral and institutional reforms that are going to be discussed in Italy and to whom I have recently tried to give some contribution .. will not be decisive for the political crisis, they even perpetrate the state of illusion in which the politics live and, postponing things, will make the situation worse.

To restore value to Politcs requires a reorganization of the Political System.

How reorganize Politics?

We need to create a direct link between Istitutions and citizens without the intermediation of political parties and the help of no profit organizations, community foundations , third sector .

The Beppe Grillo political movement “movimento 5 stelle ” M5S is a concrete example of communication and direct interrelationship between citizens and public Institutions , (we should refine the characteristics of this new type of approach of political organization as today has demonstrated to be a real and concrete innovative system (it scored 25% of total Italian votes, the relative majority in italian polical panorama ) a system that actually exceeds all the negativity of the obsolete and expensive traditional italian parties that we have listed .

Any other international political system abroad should take notice , refine and adapt to its society this precious new approach of political representation started by “Movimento 5 stelle” .. the result will come out even in the most innovative society ..

What should today’s politicians do to allow the rebirth of politics?

The senior representatives of political offices should start to think seriously from one side how to adopt this web made new organization of politics and from the other side change the administrative personnel assigment mechanisms at various levels of government responsability from central to periphery and local municipalities, provinces, regions. personnell in Italy : Personnel assigments till now ruled mainly through political appointments .

For this reason it would be necessary to start to build at various levels of national and regional committees, panel made up of highly qualified personnel of undoubted experience and absolute honesty in a position to decide the appointments of responsibilities for the various levels of governance and institutional organization, this could be realized also with the help of specialized head hunters company like happens in the private companies.

Citizens are interested in being governed and administered well, no longer are interested if the Governor is from left side or right side “old concept” of politics becouse the side of politics are now completely mixed .. some laws made from conservative parties are more “socialist” then conservative and viceversa .

The Deputies and Senators coming from the different territories of the country will be no more elected through parties organizatioons but will be choiced from the local community among the leading experts in different matters the central government need for the areas where they will be called upon to legislate ..

The mechanism of election to some important responsibilities’ through the ballot system has become a trinket with clearly inadequate’ efficiency and professionalism that cannot face anymore the strong challenge that public policy management has been called to face in an increaisingly global competition.

The debate in the House and the Senate will addressed on pragmatic issues related to the programs to be undertaken at national and territorial basis cancealing a number of discrepancies, delays, distortions, due to dummy threads among political parties .
the discussion should follow….
Francesco Totino
member of national organizing committee for electoral reform
founder at “new politics and economics thinking”

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